Plant today, grow tomorrow


Led by Chef Dominique Crenn
and her friend Michelle Jean co-founder Zesa Raw, the Root Project
is a group of socially conscious chefs, foodies, social entrepreneurs and influencers committed to sustainable agriculture as means of economic development in Haiti.


Will you join us?

“When we support farmers, it opens up a world of possibilities for future growth.”


—Dominique Crenn, Michelin-starred chef


Our Ambassadors

CHEFS Daniel Boulud | Cristina Bowerman | Manu Buffara | Adrienne Cheatham | Dominique Crenn | Stephan Durand | Ron Duprat | Russell Jackson | JJ Johnson | Michael Laiskonis | Lucinda Scala Quinn | Ben Shewry | Carlos Swepson | Alexandra Clark | Andrew Zimmern

TASTEMAKERS Russell Simmons | Martha Stewart | Patricia Velasquez